Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to write Business Requirement

How to Create Business Requirements
1. Review use case document or interview end-user
- Capture functionality
- System specifications

2. Transcribe each step of your use case into a specific business requirement
- How the functionality works
- what has to happen to make it work

3. List all the database, servers and software systems that are involved in the process

4. List other items that are not necessarily requirements, but have a direct impact on the particular process
- People involved in the process (name, description and title)
- What role or function they do in this process
- Rank each requirement with a priority

5. List the business rules within the requirements document
- Cataloged with the date identified, given an ID, title and description, who has authority over the rule and what part it plays in the current process.

Ten Top Tips for Creating Good Business Requirements
1. Develop a clear understanding of the problems 

2. Identify all project stakeholders and involve them in the business requirements gathering process

3. Clearly document all business data including workflow, current problems, anticipated risks, and required performance metrics

4. Use approved templates for all documentation

5. Identify potential privacy and security issues

6. Make a concerted effort to identify and document all risks, the impact of these risks on the project's costs and timetable

7. Conduct both group and one-on-one meetings to insure that all business requirements, risks and concerns are identified

8. Present a draft of the business requirements document to key stakeholders for preliminary review and tentative approval

9. Rewrite the draft business requirements document to address any issues discovered

10. Present the completed business requirements document to all stakeholders in a formal meeting.

Think "What", Not "How"
How to Specify What You Want

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