Thursday, June 3, 2010

IE Debugging

The following are errors when everything works in Firefox.

1. Could not get the type property. This command is not supported.

var hidden_field1 = row3.appendChild(document.createElement("input")); = 'request_type';
hidden_field1.type = 'hidden'; // problem

In IE you can't change the type of an input element after it has been added to the document, so set before being appended.

2. Object doesn't support this action

var calendar_icon = document.createElement("button");
calendar_icon.type = "button"; // problem

change createElement('input'); but eventually use ajax callback template;

3. Object required
check if object exist

var dt_select_msg = document.getElementById('dt_select_msg');
if(dt_select_msg) { = 'hidden'; }

4. Div Overflow

container {

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