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PHP Memcache

PHP Memcache Manual
Memcache module provides handy procedural and object oriented interface to memcached, highly effective caching daemon, which was especially designed to decrease database load in dynamic web applications.

Note: there are two *distinct* memcache PHP implementations
1) pecl-memcache
2) pecl-memcached

Using Memcache vs Memcached with PHP

Memcache vs Memcached


Install on Fedora
yum install php-pecl-memcache
fedora 100% |=========================| 2.1 kB 00:00 [Errno 12] Timeout:
Trying other mirror. [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404: Not Found
Trying other mirror.

ps -eaf | grep memcache

Check if memcache installed

Check if memcache is running
telnet localhost 11211

Connection Refused

10 baby step to install Memcached Server and access it with PHP
Step1 Install libevent ,libmemcached and libmemcached devel (dependency)
yum install libevent
Setting up Install Process
Parsing package install arguments
Package libevent - 1.3b-1.fc7.i386 is already installed.
Nothing to do

yum install libmemcached libmemcached-devel
Setting up Install Process
Parsing package install arguments
No package libmemcached available.
No package libmemcached-devel available.
Nothing to do

Step2 Install Memcached Server
yum install memcached
Setting up Install Process
Parsing package install arguments
Resolving Dependencies
--> Running transaction check
---> Package memcached.i386 0:1.2.3-7.fc7 set to be updated
--> Finished Dependency Resolution

Dependencies Resolved

Package Arch Version Repository Size
memcached i386 1.2.3-7.fc7 updates 50 k

Transaction Summary
Install 1 Package(s)
Update 0 Package(s)
Remove 0 Package(s)

Total download size: 50 k
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
(1/1): memcached-1.2.3-7. 100% |=========================| 50 kB 00:00
Running rpm_check_debug
Running Transaction Test
Finished Transaction Test
Transaction Test Succeeded
Running Transaction
Installing: memcached ######################### [1/1]

Installed: memcached.i386 0:1.2.3-7.fc7

Step3 Start Memcached server
memcached -d -m 512 -l -p 11211 -u nobody
(d = daemon, m = memory, u = user, l = IP to listen to, p = port)

Step4 Check your memcached server is running successfully
ps -eaf | grep memcached
nobody 1888 1 0 07:29 ? 00:00:00 memcached -d -m 512 -l -p 11211 -u nobody
root 1897 1827 0 07:30 pts/1 00:00:00 grep memcached

Step 5: Connect Memcached server via telnet
telnet 11211
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

Step 6: Check current status of Memcached Server on telnet prompt
STAT pid 1888
STAT uptime 153
STAT time 1297945907
STAT version 1.2.3
STAT pointer_size 32
STAT rusage_user 0.054991
STAT rusage_system 0.027995
STAT curr_items 0
STAT total_items 0
STAT bytes 0
STAT curr_connections 1
STAT total_connections 2
STAT connection_structures 2
STAT cmd_get 0
STAT cmd_set 0
STAT get_hits 0
STAT get_misses 0
STAT evictions 0
STAT bytes_read 7
STAT bytes_written 0
STAT limit_maxbytes 536870912
STAT threads 4

Step 7: Exit telnet
Connection closed by foreign host.

Step 8: Install PHP client to access Memcached Server
pecl install memcache
It will make “”, you have to just put it on your /etc/php.ini file.

WARNING: channel "" has updated its protocols, use "channel-update" to update
Skipping package "pecl/memcache", already installed as version 3.0.2
No valid packages found
install failed

Step 9: Restart your apache server
service httpd restart

Step 10: Open your favorite editor to type below code and execute it, it will cache your data into Memcached server and access it back for you

$memcache = new Memcache;
$memcache->connect('', 11211) or die ("Could not connect"); //connect to memcached server
$mydata = "i want to cache this line"; //your cacheble data
$memcache->set('key', $mydata, false, 100); //add it to memcached server
$get_result = $memcache->get('key'); //retrieve your data
var_dump($get_result); //show it


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