Wednesday, November 28, 2012

UX Design Process

UPA Usability Poster

Analysis Phase
- Meeting with stakeholders (meeting, conference calls)
- Develop usability goals and objectives
- Conduct field studies (visit work environment, watch how users work)
- Look at competitive product
- Create user profiles (Persona)
- Develop a task analysis (Mental Model)
- Document scenario

Design Phase
- Brainstorm concepts and ideas
- Develop screen flow
- Walkthrough the screen flow with the team
- Create low-fidelity wireframe (Balsamiq)
- Walkthrough the low-fidelity wireframe with the team / user
- Create high-fidelity wireframe (Photoshop)
- Walkthrough the high-fidelity wireframe with the team / user
- Document design specification

Implementation Phase
- Conduct usability testing as soon as possible

Deployment Phase
- Gather user feedbacks (Surveys, Field studies)
- Check usability objectives

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