Wednesday, August 28, 2013

JavaScript Patterns


1. Constructor Pattern for Creating Objects
function Fruit (theColor, theSweetness, theFruitName, theNativeToLand) {

    this.color = theColor;
    this.sweetness = theSweetness;
    this.fruitName = theFruitName;
    this.nativeToLand = theNativeToLand;

    this.showName = function () {
        console.log("This is a " + this.fruitName);

    this.nativeTo = function () {
    this.nativeToLand.forEach(function (eachCountry)  {
       console.log("Grown in:" + eachCountry);

var mangoFruit = new Fruit ("Yellow", 8, "Mango", ["South America", "Central America", "West Africa"]);
mangoFruit.showName(); // This is a Mango.
//Grown in:South America
// Grown in:Central America
// Grown in:West Africa
2. Prototype Pattern for Creating Objects
function Fruit () {

Fruit.prototype.color = "Yellow";
Fruit.prototype.sweetness = 7;
Fruit.prototype.fruitName = "Generic Fruit";
Fruit.prototype.nativeToLand = "USA";

Fruit.prototype.showName = function () {
console.log("This is a " + this.fruitName);
Fruit.prototype.nativeTo = function () {
            console.log("Grown in:" + this.nativeToLand);
var mangoFruit = new Fruit ();
mangoFruit.showName(); //
// This is a Generic Fruit
// Grown in:USA
JavaScript Patterns


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