Friday, November 2, 2012

Logo Design

Logo Design Tips
01. Research your audience
02. Immerse yourself in the brand
03. Do your online research
Logo Moose
Logo Gala
04 Seek inspiration
05 Fight the temptation to imitate
06 Don't let the client dictate
07 Create a board and rip it up

Initial Design Work
08 Sketch it out
09 Create vectors

Nailing the Typography
10 Choose your typeface carefully
11 Adapt an existing typeface
12 Avoid gimmicky fonts
13 Consider a type-only approach

Use of Space
14 Think about the space around your logo design
15 Use negative space carefully

Graphic Design
16 Make your design active, not passive
17 Consider tones as well as colours
18 Be experimental

Keep it Clean and Modern
19 Don't use more than two fonts
20 Ensure it works on dark backgrounds
21 Keep abreast of trends
22 Subtract as much as possible
23 Don't try to do too much
24 Create a lock up version
25 Make your logo design responsible

26 Create different size versions
27 Make it legible
28 Create a non-print variants
29 Make it future-proof

Business Consideration
30 Don't confuse logo with brand
31 Get the tone right

32 Show your logo design around
33 Stick to your convictions
34 Ask the client specific questions
35 Test it internationally
36 Check for hidden words
37 Expect your logo design to be panned

Style Guides
38 Create a logo style guide
39 Dictate color options
40 Specific sizes
41 Advice on positioning
42 Advice on spacing
43 Define no-nos

Going future
44 Download the logo design flowchart

10 Common Mistake in Logo Design

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