Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Case Study: Design Conspirato Website

The artistic director of Conspriato Chamber Singers, Liska, contacted me in August 2011 and expressed the interest of update their website

Analysis Phase
- Meeting with stakeholders (meeting, conference calls)
I met with Liska in September to discuss the objective and the content she wishes for the new site.
She wants the website to have a fresh new look.

- Develop usability goals and objectives
The choir's main objective is to perform concert for audience.
The website should serve the audience and the choir artist:
For the audience (public):
They needs to know the upcoming event, ticket information, concert program (what each pieces in the concert), background of the choir, the artist
For the artist (private):
They needs to know how to audition, when to rehearse, what music pieces to sing

- Conduct field studies (visit work environment, watch how users work)

- Look at competitive product
Soweto Gospel Choir
Home: Welcome, Our Story, Choir News
Performance: current, past, future
The Choir: Gallery, History, Charities, Choir Members
Press: Blog, Reviews, Images, Press Release,  Awards
Discography: CDs & DVDs,  CD Reviews
Songs: Audio Samples, Lyrics, Collaborations

Monteverdi Choir
About us:
News: News, Concert Reviews, CD Reviews
Education: Apprenticeship Program, School Project
Support us:
Contact us: Vacancies

The Cardinal's Musick

Recordings: our music
Performance: upcoming events
Latest News: what's happening
About us: the group
Promoters: how to hire us
Workshops: education
Friends: join us
Reviews: what people say

Toronto Chamber Choir

- Create user profiles (Persona)
Fan of the choir:  being to the concert, fall in love with the choir
Potential employer: looking for a talented artist
Artist: member of the choir

- Develop a task analysis (Mental Model)

Fan of the choir:  upcoming concerts, buying tickets, music pieces
Employer who is looking for the artist: choir information, artist, sample music
Artist: join the choir, upcoming events, rehearsal, music pieces

- Document scenario

Design Phase
- Brainstorm concepts and ideas
Chamber Choir : A chamber choir or group of chamber singers is the choral equivalent of a chamber ensemble, using voices instead of instruments.

Conspirato: con spirito means with sprite, with feeling

- Develop screen flow
- Walkthrough the screen flow with the team
- Create low-fidelity wireframe (Balsamiq)
- Walkthrough the low-fidelity wireframe with the team / user
- Create high-fidelity wireframe (Photoshop)
- Walkthrough the high-fidelity wireframe with the team / user
- Document design specification

Implementation Phase
- Conduct usability testing as soon as possible

Deployment Phase
- Gather user feedbacks (Surveys, Field studies)
- Check usability objectives

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